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Praying for our sick and for those who have died is one of the meanings of "Communion of Saints". Let us keep in mind those, ill or infirm, whose names are on our prayer list, as well as those KCK Serrans who have died.
To have names added to or removed from the prayer list contact the Club's secretary, Burton Huerter at (913)642-2408 or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
To see the names of all deceased KCK Serrans click here
To see the photo of any Serran on the Prayer List, click HERE
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“For He will give His angels charge of you to guard you in all your ways"

  • Beth Conrad, daughter-in-law of Jim Conrad
  • Rita Jurcyk, wife of John Jurcyk (deceased)
  • Jean Luchi, wife of Robert Luchi
  • Cheryl McGee, daughter of Jim Conrad
  • Joan McHale, wife of Bill McHale
  • Lyette Schuchardt, wife of Frank Schuchardt
  • Larry Yoksh, brother of Bob Yoksh
  • Jim Wilson
  • Al Kolarik
  • Ernie Bramer, brother-in-law of Ed Connolly
  • Bob Bramer, brother-in-law of Ed Connolly
  • Susan Wald, wife of Bob
  • Agnes Coakley, wife of John Coakley
  • Ed Connolly
  • Al Tikwart
  • Al Bukaty
  • Gene Freeman
  • John Foltz
  • Maurice (Mo) O'Connor
  • Tony Dusil
  • John Jurcyk
  • Lou Kusek
  • Joe Deters
  • Ed Worner
  • Bill Peters
  • Jack Winne
  • John Adams
  • John Henke
  • Bernard (Bud) Schaefer
  • Bob Dougherty
  • John Wissman