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The Religious Sisters’ Appreciation Day will be held on Sunday August 11th from 3 to 6 p.m. at St. Patrick’s Parish Center in Kansas City, KS. This is the 42nd year for this event to honor the sisters in the Kansas City metro area. This event has changed over the years from an outdoor sisters’ picnic for a few sisters on the Kansas side of KC to an indoor Nuns Appreciation Day for over 200 sisters in the KC area. While this event is coordinated by the Serra Club of Kansas City in KS, all six of the KC Metro area Serra Clubs provide support.

This event honors the sisters by allowing them to come together for a day of networking, praying, playing BINGO and enjoying a dinner together with the Serrans. The other big event to honor the sisters is Blisters for Sisters which is held the first Saturday of May and not only includes Sisters, Serrans and their spouses but the public is invited especially families so they can enjoy Mass, a walk, prize give-away and lunch with the sisters.

If you are a Serran; please plan to attend. You will need to register by completing the Registration Form.  If you have attended before you know how much the sisters appreciate the day. If you have never attended, you will be able to enjoy the over 300 sisters, Serrans and spouses. We really would like for you to attend. When you attend; help us by making a donation with your registration and bring a dessert to be shared with the sisters.

Each of the sisters attending will be given a small monetary gift which we hear the sisters put to good use. The gifts and other expenses are paid for by money donated by Serrans, churches, businesses, and friend of the sisters. Any Donations remaining after the event is added to the Sister’s Formation Fund and given as grant money to Religious Congregations to help cover the expenses when a new sisters entering the religious life.

The planning for this event began in March. Ten team coordinators meet every month and plan to make this an enjoyable day for the sisters. I will just tell you about two of the teams.

The Donations Team is led by George Riehle who creates letters to be mailed to our donors. George also sends a “Thank You” letter to each donor so they have verification that they donated to a 501(c)(3) charity. Each member of the Planning Team will be asking for donations from their friends, parishes, and businesses. Larry and Nora Volz who have been strong supporters of the Sisters have over the years collected well over $25,000 from our donors.

The Drink Team is led by Will Miller. He and Kevin Caldwell purchases the drinks, prepare the bar, recruit a team of bar tenders and serve the sisters and Serrans. They helped by a few young men and woman who help by serving popcorn and then serving the sisters during the dinner. Will identifies a number of Serrans to help serve. If he asks you to volunteer; please say “yes”.

We expect over 300 people to attend this year. We hope you can be one of them.

Here is a chart of the Religious Sisters’ Appreciation Day attendance over the past 9 years.