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Monsignor Mike Mullen Celebrated the Mass on February 13, 2019 at the Valentine Mass and dinner. 

The event was held at Milburn Country Club and approximately fifty Serrans and their guest’s  attended. The food, service and atmosphere was wonderful.

Monsignor reminded us in his homily of God’s love for all of us and that we have perfect models for our marriages in St. Joseph and Mary. He was complimentary of those attending and the Serra mission. 

It is always helpful for me to remember Jesus spent thirty years with his mother before he went public as the Christ. He was aware of what His role was while on this earth as a human and he also knew what would happen as His life was ended. 

When we enter into our Vocation whether it be Religious or married life we have no idea of what the future holds. We are in love with our chosen one or as Religious we dedicate our lives to Christ. Either one takes faith and the belief God will provide the Grace to sustain us in our vocation. 

We know the path will not be without difficulty and with the help of God through Grace we will persevere. 

President Tom Spencer completed the evening with a historical review of Valentine’s day.