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THIS IS TEPEYAC HILL, worship site of Tonantzin Coatlaxopeuh, an earth goddess of the Aztecs;  human sacrifice, cannibalism, misery.  In 1531, an Aztec peon, Juan Diego and convert, was passing this site when a lady appeared before him.  Just as an angel had appeared to her all those years ago,  when emperors still ruled.  The lady asked him to take word to the bishop.  She wanted a shrine built on this most unholy of spots.  Juan Diego went to the bishop, who refused.  He wanted a sign.  Three days later the Lady appeared again.  Juan Diego told her of the bishops request.  She directed him to special roses that did not grow in this season.  He did and took them to the lady.

SHRINE OF THE ROSES.  Juan Diego brought the cloak to this spot at the base of this hill.  He opened the robe. The roses spilled on this spot.    

Vocations Vice-President Jack Lawrence was our delegate to the Serra International Conference in Mexico City in June.  He will entertain our club with photos and his experiences from this event at our regular meeting on August 14th.