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With this letter my thoughts go to the value each of you represent to our Club, Seminarians, Priests and Religious. Sometimes we go about our responsibilities without fully appreciating the extent to which we are accomplishing objectives including growing in spirituality. We influence by actions, words and just being therefor seminarians. We are examples to the men as they discern their futures, commitments to faith, themselves and God.

 There are many examples of the responsibilities we make in time, dollars and achievements. A recent example is the Al Bukaty Golf Outing and Famous George Gorman Dinner. For those of you who played, fun was the operative word for the day. Stories followed and developed and drives got longer and putts straighter as the day wore on. These embellishments carried on to the Dinner.

 The dinner consisted of huge portions of meat, baked potato, salad and bread with all the condiments. The steak alone is worth the price of admission!

Archbishop Naumann and Archbishop Keleher were active participants and are responsible for the development of religious in the Archdiocese. Archbishop Naumann praised Serrans for their support of Seminarians and religious.

 Monsignor Mullen and Father Dan Morris handed out the Seminarian awards.

 Archbishop Naumann provided the closing remarks, Prayer and Blessing.

 John Muehlberger put the Golf Outing together and gave out the Golf Awards. Rick Wiseman and team made the dinner happen.

 This is one example of what we do to support Seminarians, Priests and Religious. As your new President I want to salute each of you in furthering the mission of the Serra Club of Kansas City in KS.