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 Fellow Serrans,

What a wonderful time of the year. Spring is upon us and there is a beautiful array of colors in the trees and green, plush lawns. What a welcome sight. Likewise, we have finished the journey into Easter, and now celebrate the most beautiful and meaningful part of our faith; the resurrection, and the promise of forgiveness, hope, and love. And we get to share these gifts with our family, friends, and with everyone. Hope you all have a great Easter season.

As you know, May is when we transition to our new officers and board members. For this upcoming year, we are blessed to have a complete slate of board members, very capable of directing our club into the future. We welcome incoming President Ed Connolly and President-Elect Lee Crutchfield, as well as new trustees Pat McAnany, John Gillcrist, Dave Jones, and Rich Leyden. We extend our best wishes and support for them for this coming year.

As your President this past year, I can truly say that it has been very rewarding. Moving from Trustee, to President Elect, to President is a growth experience in both faith and personal confidence. Just being a Serra Club member and being associated with dedicated Catholic men and an organization that has a clear objective is a real experience in personal growth. I would like to thank all our members for your support and friendship this past year and I look forward to a great year with our new board.

A couple of events to keep in mind during May are Blisters for Sisters on May 4th, at St. Thomas Moore, the Ordination for three Transitional Deacons on May 18th at Holy Spirit Church at 10:30am, and then on May 25th, the Ordination to the Priesthood for 6 new candidates at Church of the Ascension at 10:30 am. These will be great events to attend. Also, on May 30th, we are holding the 40th annual “Al Bukaty” priest and seminarians golf outing at Painted Hills. The registration form is on our website. Hope to see all of you there.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your president. I am very blessed to be a part of the Serra Club of Kansas City in Kansas.

Tom Spencer