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 Fellow Serrans,

Here’s hoping you all survived the arctic blast we experienced recently. Burr !!   We can be thankful it didn’t last long and that it has warmed back up. It’s still winter in the Midwest and anything can happen.

February is a reminder that life goes on, a sense of ordinary time, to keep things going, hang in there, and to anticipate exciting things to come.

And so, they do.  For our Serra Club, one big change that is happening is that our website now has a new format, and you will see some noticeable changes.  If you work with it a little, you will find it to be very easy to navigate, interesting, and some new information.   Dr. Luchi has some great articles to read, and much more.  Our thanks to Bob Yoksh and to Dr. Luchi for the work they have done with our new website company to provide a smooth transition and launch of the new format.  Also, our newsletter is now incorporated into the website and can be easily accessed.  Good work to preserve and advance our website. Thanks !!

Also, please plan to attend our annual Valentines Mass and Dinner at Milburn Country Club on Wednesday February 13. Registration forms need to be sent to Dave Boone by the 6th.  This is always a fun evening for everyone .

Take a look at our calendar page for upcoming events.  You can now cut  and paste dates to your electronic calendar. March starts a busy month, and some key items to note of are: 

  • 5th Grade Vocations Day on March 5 at Ascension School
  • Lent begins March 6 (Ash Wednesday)
  • Vocations Mass on March 13 at St. Joseph Parish at 9 am
  • Lenten Retreat by Monsignor Muller on March 23
  • 6th Grade Essay Contest winners luncheon March 27

 February is month that passes by quickly, and March brings about a lot of activity, none more important than going into the Lenten season and getting prepared for the most sacred and holy time of our liturgical year. 

This somewhat quiet and less active time gives us a tremendous opportunity to slow down, evaluate and reflect on our personal growth. Have a great month and God bless you and your families.

 Tom Spencer